Monday, January 25, 2010

Vip Combination Locks Forgot VIP Suitcase Lock Combination?

Forgot VIP suitcase lock combination? - vip combination locks

I bought a new suitcase VIP and you forgot to make the combination. The first lock, the combination was 000, the next time I have tried to show, opened at 666 instead of 000, after several attempts, I try to open it, I have nearly all but their combination does not open, i hope u can me to help relax


Shame On You said...

Mine's 046th Try this.

Property of Marcelo said...

Unfortunately, no one will be able to enter a predetermined code that works, you are just going to have to try out, all 999 combinations until you find one that works. Irritated, I know, but I can not see another way around it. Sorry.

Dan said...

exactly how this will help someone? If you try all possible combinations (there are about 1,000 different combinations), then you will find ... Finally

stevey said...

Accept where you bought it and explain the defective part will try to solve the problem for you
If not, try a locksmith

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