Sunday, February 21, 2010

Sample Welcome New Doctor Letter Where Can I Find Sample Letters Announcing New Doctor Joining Our Practice?

Where can I find sample letters announcing new doctor joining our practice? - sample welcome new doctor letter

I work for a medical unit and have responsibility for the dissemination of news in the field that we have a new physician to join our growing practice. I try some good examples, as others have done to find. I am struggling how to do it with a little more. Any public relations or marketing medical know little of these tasks may be boring. Each idea is more than welcome, because I have a few strong Writers Block! Thank you!

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Voice of reason said...

(Doctor here) pleased to announce a new addition to its team of (name of Doc), a physician who is known to specialize in the ___.
(DOC) received his medical degree () and worked on (all other tracks)
Behavior (some slightly positive again, doc. Is it nice, talents and abilities?)

Dr. ___ admission of new patients and can be contacted at our office @ ____

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